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"From Our Den to Yours Since 1988"
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- A collection of Reptile images captured in the moment -

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A Reptile Adventure Logo Glow.png

It’s the 1970’s in all its glory: Long hair, Beatles, bell-bottom jeans, The Doors, The Vietnam War, Led Zepplin…and Mike’s parents thought summer sleep-away camp was a wonderful concept. They likely did not consider the fact that forced socialization or sports would hardly draw Mike out of his shell. Rather, it provided wonderful opportunities for Mike to search for creatures within shells, or those who swam, slithered, hopped about. Those creatures beckoned, and Mike simply heeded their call.

At the end of the day, Mike gathered his newfound friends, and stored them in a crate beneath his bed. As soon as the counselor discovered his cache, an ultimatum was issued—either the reptiles were returned to their habitat, or Mike was to return to his…At 2:30 AM, Mike’s parents arrived. They set the creatures loose, and Mike breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the campgrounds rapidly disappearing through the back window of the station wagon.

Fast forward to 1988, where a local newspaper advertises baby King Snakes, drawing whereby Mike meets Fred. Effusive conversation followed as Mike enthused over his Boas and Indigo, while Fred sang the praises of his collection. And thus, The Reptile Adventure hatched, cementing the current decades-long partnership.

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“What awesome Boas from this litter! Great work, HerpAddict. You always stand to produce high quality animals.”


Aug 27, 2021

“HerpAddict makes some very quality animals. Absolutely love this Boa and am beyond ecstatic about the boost in quality that my new projects are going to now have. Quality communication from the seller as well, couldn't have asked for better!”


Aug 25, 2021

“Mike is a fantastic seller to work with. It was very apparent to me that he truly cares about the animals, from healthy genetics to shipping and beyond. I am extremely happy with my baby Boa, and I highly recommend purchasing one of their animals!”


Aug 11, 2021

As I searched on the internet for weeks looking for a beautiful boa I finally came across these guys and called them directly to see what they had. Only the best words can be used with my experience here. Professional and friendly the whole time we communicated. Thank you so much this little Sunglow boa is amazing healthy and happy when it arrived . I will be coming back for more boas later no question about that. Thank you!!! 🙏🙏


Thu 1/13/2022 9:36 PM